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As I've been involved in the goth/industrial scene since 1989, my books revolve around that scene. Both in both NYC and Boston. Unlike my writing blog, this blog will revolve around my the goth/industrial scene as well as my gothy characters.

So stay tuned for cool links to goth/industrial stuff, character pics, hot goth men and women, and great clothing! But I warn you, there also may be dogs and puppies. It's a weakness. I apologize. :)

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virgin identity

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I don’t have time to write a lot about this, but I think it’s kind of interesting. Apparently there’s a rising trend toward male virgins in romance novels. (Is there an inverse trend for fewer female virgins? It’s not clear!)

I think what I find really interesting, though, is that there’s still this trend toward virginity at all, especially in contemporaries. Why is virginity on somebody’s part still a given in contemporaries? Why do we still consider it a prize? It seems to me (as both a writer of romances and a human being) that love and intimacy are the real prizes. (Plus I question whether it’s realistic for any of the characters—who are usually, what, in their late 20s in contemporaries?—to be virgins in this day and age. Although I guess realism and romance novels are not always synonymous.)

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    I get very uncomfortable when people say things like it’s unrealistic for someone in their 20s to be a virgin. I mean,...
  2. oliviawaite said: I read more historicals than contemporary, so virgins in their 20s are not implausible. But when it happens in contemporaries, I get a weird vibe. Especially if it’s presented to the hero as a reward, ffs. That is some old-skool nonsense.
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