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Tamsin L. Silver Hi! My name is Tamsin Silver and I'm a published Fantasy author who lives in NYC. The first book of my Living Dead Girl Saga, "The Betrayal," is now available for Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and soon to be found on Amazon Print on Demand.

As I've been involved in the goth/industrial scene since 1989, my books revolve around that scene. Both in both NYC and Boston. Unlike my writing blog, this blog will revolve around my the goth/industrial scene as well as my gothy characters.

So stay tuned for cool links to goth/industrial stuff, character pics, hot goth men and women, and great clothing! But I warn you, there also may be dogs and puppies. It's a weakness. I apologize. :)

You can find more about about me and my books at www.tamsinsilver.com or come follow me on Twitter! @tamsinsilver is me!


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virgin identity

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I don’t have time to write a lot about this, but I think it’s kind of interesting. Apparently there’s a rising trend toward male virgins in romance novels. (Is there an inverse trend for fewer female virgins? It’s not clear!)

I think what I find really interesting, though, is that there’s still this trend toward virginity at all, especially in contemporaries. Why is virginity on somebody’s part still a given in contemporaries? Why do we still consider it a prize? It seems to me (as both a writer of romances and a human being) that love and intimacy are the real prizes. (Plus I question whether it’s realistic for any of the characters—who are usually, what, in their late 20s in contemporaries?—to be virgins in this day and age. Although I guess realism and romance novels are not always synonymous.)

fshklr: oh, boo hoo, male writers

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Hear hear! Well said!

Salon has an article up today called “The agony of the male novelist.”

It’s ostensibly a reaction to a blog post Jennifer Weiner made earlier this week. She’s back on her campaign to… it’s not clear exactly. Under the cover of advocating for women writers to get more coverage, she’s…

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